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Steve Dilling

IIIrd Tyme Out in Royal Oak

Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out appeared at Royal Oak Shrine High School on Friday, January 21st.

Since Oakland Community College withdrew support for live performances, the Bluegrass Series there was discontinued as of last May.

Through the efforts of several individuals, including Tom Laing, the Royal Oak Bluegrass Series has been created. Although no further bookings have been made, it was announced that organizers hope to have a series of four concerts throughout the year.

IIIre tyme out 050
Mr. Van Rohr was the MC.

IIIre tyme out 052
IIIrd Tyme Out

IIIre tyme out 069
Wayne Benson

IIIre tyme out 054
Russell Moore

IIIre tyme out 047
It was a great evening, and wonderful to see so a good crowd; since it was a cold night.

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